Telemedicine lab

Ifremmont aims to develop its activities in mountain telemedicine.

Thanks to its exceptional location, its field experts and specialized structures and logistics,Ifremmont has positionned itself as an ideal test lab.

With the support of the EEC, the Rhône-Alpes region and the Haute Savoie department, Ifremmont is able to develop research programs and practical applications for mountaineous regions, and by extension,for the medical world.

Ifremmont wishes to provide modern means of medical transmission and remote treatment to those involved in mountain rescue, all of this at affordable prices and in an interoperability and multi-disciplinary vision.

Planned Actions :

  • Equipping refuges in various mountain ranges
  • Equipping mountain rescue doctors
  • Equipping physicians serving the SAMU
  • Equipping resort physicians
  • Equipping paramedics and ambulance staff
  • Equipping non-medicalized parallel structures

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